The main objective of is to provide all type of instant news related to Bengaluru and all other small towns of Karnataka.


  • Identify problems and opportunities.
  • This platform will benefit those who are connected always with internet.
  • People-centric issues which we are not able to solve with the help of ward-level officials will be escalated with higher-ups like Bengaluru Development Minister, concerned MLAs, MPs, Mayor, concerning corporators, Chief secretary, Additional chief secretary (urban development department), BBMP Commissioner and with the four zonal Special Commissioner’s empowered as guardian of eight BBMP zones. Of course, BWSSB and BDA officials will also be looped in.
  • We will be publishing online news and are open to share/publish corporate press releases.


  • will be concentrating on civic issues, it will promote enthusiastic writers with due credit.
  • The portal is open to the public. You don’t have to wait for the newspaper in the morning and you can browse the desired news on click, on move.
  • The online system allows every reader to read and view updated videos related to many fields like Sandalwood-Entertainment, Bengaluru based local and state politics, Sports-Cricket, football, Crime, and happenings in neighborhoods.